As with my normal commissions, I will do a full refund if I have not started working on your badge and a 50% refund if I have started sketching your commission. If the commission is past the sketch stage, refunds are not possible.

If you have not yet paid but have a slot reserved and wish to cancel please let me know so that I may offer your spot to someone else. 🙂

I can accept all major credit cards through Stripe, as well as Paypal and Amazon Payments. Paypal is the most common however, and you do not need a Paypal account to pay. My invoices will be sent via Paypal unless you request another method.

You should get an e-mail instantly notifying that your form was submitted successfully. I will be choosing groups via lottery, and will announce them on twitter.

Badges will be done in groups and batches, based on lottery. I may take 5-10 orders in a batch, and split those into mini groups. Each group may take 2-3 weeks to complete, or 4-6 weeks per batch. Times may vary depending on my irl situation, but I will always provide status updates.

All badges are planned to be shipped out by the first week of October, aprox 1 month before Blizzcon starts.

I will also be attending Blizzcon, so you’ll be able to pick up your physical badge and goodies In November during the convention. Time and place hasn’t been decided, but I’ll most likely be hanging out at the Hilton Lobby on the Thursday afternoon and evening before Blizzcon.

Not at all! It can be a of yourself, an original character, or anything you’d like. 🙂 Want a picture of yourself dressed up as Mercy? No problem!

Yes! I ship worldwide, so there is no need to physically be at the convention.

Badges start at $30 each, and come with a small variety of physical goodies.

Patreon subscriber’s will receive a 10-25% discount on their badge order depending on which tier they belong to.



The date and time has not been announced yet, but will most likely open mid to late May 2017 and will coincide with Blizzcon ticket sales.

The order form will remain open, and slots will be chosen via lottery. I will choose 5 slots at a time, and continue to do batches until I am no longer able to due to time constraints.

Patreon subscribers will have early access and guaranteed badge slots, plus discounts for specific tiers.

On the date and time of opening there will be a link on the Badge page directing you to the order form. 🙂

After filling out the form, you will receive confirmation that the form was successful. You will be contacted via email if your name has been chosen for a batch and sent an invoice via Paypal.

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If you have any other questions, feel free to Tweet me @tsepish or send me an email!


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